Subitizing for Peek at A Week!

I hear a lot of people say this when they come across the word 'subitizing'!

Subitizing is such an important skill for your little learners. They need to be able to instantly identify a number arrangement. It can be dots (like on a dice) or in a ten frame - tally marks - you name it, as long as its a visual representation of the number, other than a numeral. 

Now, the progression, in the skill 'subitizing' that I have shown in my differentiated plans, is just a progression that I have found works for me. There may be more 'scientifically proved' progressions, but this one is based on experience! 

I start out with the standard 1-6 patterns shown on a dice. Most children come to school knowing a few of these at least, and its a great place to start. Then I move on to ten frames, and also standard patterns from 7-10 (not included in these plans - covered later in the year). 

I move from standard ten frames (filled from left to right, top to bottom with no gaps) to more 'randomly filled' ten frames. 

After that I might move to random dot patterns or 20 frames. 

I have based my plans on 4 ability groups. Once you do your testing, you might find you have no students at one of these levels. Simply delete it, and add in a duplicate grouping of the students at the appropriate level. 

To determine the students in each grouping, undertake a quick assessment by flashing some dot patterns and ten frames at your students. Just use the cards that are provided in the resources outlined in the plans. You need to flash the card quickly. Students need to recognise these numbers  instantly - no time for counting! 

Thank you so much for stopping by to have a peek, you can download my plans HERE