Bunny Kids Art

Today I want to share an 'Easter Bunny' artwork that my daughter completed today. She is on Autumn school break and it is raining! Great - (insert happy happy joy joy smile here)!

Start by cutting a basic bunny shape out. We just freehand drew this one. I showed my daughter how to draw it up from the bottom edge of the paper, so we achieved a nice flat line on the base.

Cut it out and place it down on your artwork page. And then splatter paint all over. We used a dot painter - you could also use finger prints or a cotton ball to get the dabbed effect. We did blue and green for the sky and grass.

Then lift your bunny template away and you have a white space left that will be the Easter Bunny. Wait for it to dry, and then draw in the details with a black and pink marker. Too. Easy.

Now for some other projects to fill in the next 13.75 days!

Thanks for stopping by to see this artwork! Find more over on my Pinterest board.