Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Bunny Kids Art - Tuesday Art Linky

Hi friends! It is time for my Tuesday Art Linky. 

Please feel free to link up a blog post you have that is about K-6 Classroom Art or Craft projects. 

Your post could share a brand new idea, a photo from your classroom or  an idea that you have seen somewhere else on the internet - as long as it is 'art inspired' and it is appropriate for the classroom - I am happy! Please include today's button (green one above, just right click and SAVE AS) and link it back to this post!

Today I want to share an 'Easter Bunny' artwork that my daughter completed today. She is on Autumn school break and it is raining! Great - (insert happy happy joy joy smile here)!

Start by cutting a basic bunny shape out. We just freehand drew this one. I showed my daughter how to draw it up from the bottom edge of the paper, so we achieved a nice flat line on the base.

Cut it out and place it down on your artwork page. And then splatter paint all over. We used a dot painter - you could also use finger prints or a cotton ball to get the dabbed effect. We did blue and green for the sky and grass. 

Then lift your bunny template away and you have a white space left that will be the Easter Bunny. Wait for it to dry, and then draw in the details with a black and pink marker. Too. Easy. 

Now for some other projects to fill in the next 13.75 days! 

Thanks for stopping by to see this artwork, I would love you to link up!