Ten Frames in the Core Drawers

I am back today to tell you more about my Core Drawers. If you do not know about them yet, read my first post HERE

I want to tell you about the 4th drawer. It is where I advise you keep some basic cards and equipment for numeracy and mathematics. 

-  a printed hundreds chart, 
- 120 chart, 
- 2 sets of 'tens frames', 
- number lines, 
- numeral cards (at least numbers 0-30) and 
- a counters box. 

All this equipment is perfect for demonstrating activities that your students will then do at their desks, engaging in whole class activities, or to use in demonstrations and explanations of content. Having it all ready at your fingertips will mean that you can focus 100% on your teaching and the students.

The counters box includes around 20 plastic counters/chips and 4 standard six sided dice. I recommend you prepare one of  these for each student in your class, and keep them close to the students' desks.

With the one in your 'Core Drawers' you will able to easily demonstrate and play quick number games with the class directly from your teacher chair. Students can then go back to their tables or groups to play independently with their own counters box and have identical equipment ready.

With the ten frames ready in your drawer, you can engage students in essential number work, in 5 and 10 minute blocks of spare time that you have between lessons and at the end of each session. Make those moments count!

Take two ten frames from your collection at a time, briefly show them to your students and ask then to quickly add them. Easy, simple - an essential skill!

Show your students one ten frame for a few seconds, ask them to call out the number shown. Ask them to call out the number that is one more or one less. Ask them to call out the number that will add with this one  to make ten.

We have bundled up 20 VERY SIMPLE and FAST activities like these couple, in a little packet called "Fast Ten Frame Activities". This packet has now been added to the 'Core Drawer' resource and is also available separately.

It includes a set of 20 cards with ideas for activities to do in a flash - when you have those little spare few minutes of time between lessons, and you can squeeze a min activity in. They make great brain breaks too!

You can punch a hole in the cards and put them on a ring, so you have them at your fingertips. 

A favourite of my students has always been 'Monster Stomp' where students stand and stomp out the number they see on the ten frame I flash. It gets them moving, counting, visualising and engages both sides of their brain! And let's face it, if it is fun, they remember it!

As well as 20 simple ideas it includes

a little printable mini-book, to be used in one of the activities. Students will memorize the number shown and replicate it in their book and also think of an additional pattern for the same number.

The packet also includes a set of teacher flashcards, should you not want to buy the complete 'Core Drawers' resource. The flashcards in this set have a fun 'fuzzy' effect to make them different from others you may have and will help motivate your students! A plain standard set is included also. 

The file also includes a few worksheet activities and a set of classroom ten frame posters!

Can you tell I just love ten frames!?

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