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I just posted this picture on Instagram, as I have just found a great way to store all my paper craft and craftivity samples. In a big A3 display book! Well, it will surely be 'books' when I am done sorting.  I have kept a sample of most paper crafts I have made with Kindergarten over the last decade. They are all squashed neatly arranged in a plastic box.
Why did I not think of this before?
I like to have a sample to show my students before we start, and although it is always good to model and demonstrate a skill in front of the students, at times it is great to have one 'I prepared earlier' - even just to refresh your own memory.

In Australia, we call a 'Display Book' a plastic folder that you can slide sheets into. They differ from a regular ring binder in that the pages are usually fixed. The small versions of these folders are used for school portfolios etc.
This is an A3 folder. A3 is the paper we use that is exactly twice our standard office paper, called A4.
I also use these A3 ring binders to store lots of my medium sized posters and resources. Things that I have laminated, that are too large to put in pouches, boxes or my filing cabinet.  
Lots of art and design students use these for their portfolios.
What I love most about these binders is that you can add 'display booklets' to them. I think they are called 'Binder Mates'. Each has a round 20 pages, and you can group resources into sections and transfer them in and out very easily.
I have rhyme and song posters in one section...
Posters, anchor charts and large scale write-n-wipe for handwriting and letters.
And another for large laminated number games etc. I have plenty more (I'm not admitting publicly to just how many) - but you get the idea!
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