Milk Shake Tens and Some Finds!

This weekend, I put the finishing touches on a project that has been on my desktop for around a month... It is a cute and fun little way to get your students to practise making combinations that make ten on a ten frame - or twenty frame.
This could easily be done using basic classroom equipment, or to 'pretty things up
 you can grab our file at TpT HERE to print labels, frames and worksheets.
You need double sided counters/chips for this game. Or you can make your own - by adding a sticker to the back of a set of counters you already have in your classroom.
You can use a plain milk carton/bottle, or print out our cute little label. We printed ours on sticky paper (love that stuff!)...
Make sure you clean your milk bottle and let it dry thoroughly. Otherwise you will be in for a very bad smell!

Once prepared, you add your counters to the bottle...
And shake, shake, shake that milkshake goooood!

Spill the counters from the bottle and see how they land..

Arrange them on your ten frame to show how they landed.

And record your combinations. You could ask your students to rotate their ten frame and record the number sentence in reverse e.g. 6+4 AND 4+6!

Here are a couple of wonderful things I have noticed in the last week or so!
Primary Penmenship font from Kimberly. LOVE! SO neat and clean!
These Tens and Ones Worksheets from Teach With Laughter. Amazing product and amazing value!
Cyndie, over at Chalk One Up for the Teacher has an amazing giveaway happening - don't miss out! Find it HERE
Brooke from Teachable Moments has 2 great freebies for kindergarten maths! Find them HERE 
Thanks Brooke!
Have a wonderful Sunday my friends!


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