Owl Always Love You Printable Cut and Paste

I just made this cute little

 "Owl Always Love You"

printable paper craft - for no other reason than I have owls, hearts and craftivities on my mind at the moment - oh, and I need to entertain 4 little girls tomorrow that LOVE all things cut and paste....

....and the other half of From the Pond and I share a very special anniversary today - and I will definitely owl-ways love him!

It would be perfect for Valentine's Day in the classroom with students taking it home to surprise someone they love!

Download it HERE from Teachers pay Teachers.

Another thing I will owl-ways love is Mrs Wills Kindergarten blog! She has a wonderful 2 year blog birthday post happening - if for some reason you have not seen it (quite unlikely), head over to read it! Deedee rocks!

Ok, enough of the owl-ways already. Have fun my friends :)