First Kindergarten Craft + Crunch'n'Sip

This week I am sharing some ideas for the first weeks of teaching Kindergarten. This little creation goes very well with the 'school days' unit of work that we complete here in NSW. As part of the unit we talk about what makes school different from home, and part of that is wearing a school uniform! The first day of Kindergarten is the first time many of our students will have worn a uniform and it is always nice to tell them how wonderful they look and how impressed you are with the care they have taken to wear their uniform correctly.

This printable packet will provide you with all the templates for your students to make their own 'school kid' and create a uniform to match. You will need to implement a mini-lesson on discussing the uniform and how all our clothes look the same. Believe it or not, I have had some children that fail to notice. Not that it shocks me so much anymore, it is A-MAZING what our beautiful little people fail to see - they only see the important things!

Once each piece is cut and coloured...

It can then be pasted together... You can also use the writing template we have provided to turn this craft into a writing lesson. Students will practise writing their name and cut/paste an "I go to school" sentence.

In NSW schools, we participate in a Crunch'n'Sip program to encourage more students to eat raw vegetables and fruit, and sip water through the morning session.

We have included an apple, water bottle and additional writing activity should you like to turn this into a 'crunch'n'sip' awareness activity!

You can find this printable file HERE