Freebie File + New Product

I have just listed a favourite file of ours - Dog and Bones on TeachersPayTeachers. Click on the image above to check it out. I have updated the resource to include two new worksheets. If you are one of my Australian followers who has purchased this item from us in the past, contact me and I will send you the new worksheets.

I created some fun new dog house graphics for the worksheets as I wanted them in black and white - what a great opportunity to create a freebie for all my wonderful blog friends I thought! So here it is - Dog House Dots. It will help your students to subitise (subitize in USA???). Subitising is the ability to recognise number dot patterns in different arrangements. Instantly recognising dot patterns will help your students to work on harder mathematical concepts such as addition and subtraction. They will be able to hold, and work with, a mental image of a number. I do lots of work with dot patterns in my classroom. It really helps!

Not only can you play games and activities with dot patterns, but a simple daily drill excites my class. I turn it into a fun and very motivating lesson transition my "flashing" a set of dot pattern cards very quickly to the class, and they can call out the number if they know it. At the beginning of the school year I will start quite slow, and then get faster. Also, they enjoy sitting at their desks with a tub of plastic counters (chips) and trying to re-create the pattern that I hold up.

Click the image above to download your free copy