FREE File - Cookie Tray - Making Arrays to Learn Multiplication

Learning to multiply requires a good deal of repetition – playing games is a good way to make this repetition fun and motivating!

This game will assist students to become familiar with using equal groups in an array format to find totals in multiplication problems

A free printable math center for multiplication

I have been so pleased to see so many new followers here on our blog. I have just created this file and would love you to have it for FREE to use at home or in your classroom.

Cookie Trays will help you introduce the idea of "arrays" to your students, and in turn help them understand multiplication and division. I created these graphics especially for this file and had lots of fun putting it together. It pleases me that I have an avenue for sharing some of my resources with other teachers here on my blog.  I hope you enjoy using this file and following my blog.

Have a lovely day friends!

- Mel x