Smartphone Marketing School

Hi friends!

I wanted to quickly share something with you that I have been very excited about. Tabitha Carro from Flapjack Education coordinates a course that is helping me get more use from my smartphone to help with marketing and promotion. 

I joined a while ago (lifetime access) and want to be very honest with you - I have had such a crazy few months with my Sam being very sick and in hospital, my husband in hospital for day surgery, starting a new round of immunotherapy - you name it - I have not got too far into the course. But that is the wonderful thing about it - its all there ready for me to get back into now I have more time.

If you've followed me for a while you know that I don't do many posts like this at all. I have to fully believe in something before I will recommend it. Let me tell you - this course is the real deal. Tabitha shares it all. She holds nothing back. Everything I have seen so far is solid. No fluffy 'let's all make an inspiration board and join hands and sing a lullaby stuff'. Tabitha is making, creating and doing the work too - and sharing what she knows honestly and without hesitation. If you want real information - this is packed with it. 

 The course is open to new students again - but just through August 1st.

I am confident that this membership will help me feel more confident with my smartphone and using it within my business. I am also very confident Tabitha delivers. It's self-paced, gives you lifetime access, and I take it right from my phone whenever I have a free moment.

You'll get instant, lifetime access to easy-to-follow lessons on:
  • product photography
  • graphic design
  • sales graphic creation
  • lighting and setup
  • script writing
  • video production and editing
  • iPhone productivity

and all of it from your iPhone - learn on the go!

You'll also get access to a private Facebook group that yours truly is in, learning all the latest tips on iPhone visual marketing.

Find out more HERE and let me know if you have any questions.

(this is an affiliate link, but any small commission I receive from you signing up, I will donate to a GoFund Me campaign). I am sharing this because I honestly think Tabitha has worked hard to produce a quality course that has amazing content, not to generate income for myself. 

- Mel x