Less=More #5

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This is the fifth post in my little series to help you explore the concept of less=more.

If you can:
- do less, 
-have less, and 
- need less 

you will have 
-more time, 
-more energy and 
- more resources 

for YOU and your students or family!

This one has taken some time to jot down because it is complex and I want to do my best to break it down into a simple explanation in keeping with the general theme. 

Lesson #5 - life

Imagine if you found your life to be perfect. 

Imagine if you did not have to escape from your life.

Imagine if you put your head down to rest every night and work up every morning feeling blessed about how wonderful and 'exactly how it should be' life was. Exactly how it is. 

Would you need more? Or would you be content?

The trick is to look at the 'life' part instead of the 'perfect' part. 

Without getting too deep and philosophical - what exactly is 'life' for you. 

Are you aiming for a fairytale or are you being honest about who you really are. 

I had a moment about 20 years ago, shortly after a devastating and challenging time for my family. A loved one looked at me, in the midst of something very routine and ordinary (I think it was grocery shopping) and said 'this is life Mel, this is what it is all about'. And it was so wonderfully amazing to be doing some 'ordinary' things.  

Lightening bolt moment. 

Perhaps it is only when you see and live the absolute worst of life that you can truly delight in what you are privileged enough to be able to do each day in your 'ordinary' life. I cannot outline with any brevity how I got to this appreciation - it has been more than just that one moment - but it makes life simple and beautiful. And I need a whole lot less.

Learn to love 'life'. 

And by life, I mean all the things you 'have' to do to live. 

For the vast majority of us 'life' is always going to involve the day-to-day practicalities of running a house, preparing food, tending to young and elderly family members and earning an income to pay the bills and mortgage. 

For most of us, life will involve work. Lots or work. Lots of very hard work.

Many of the things we complain about and try to escape from.

Finding 4 hours {in the 24 I have been given to live today} to sloth on the sofa and watch TV is not something I expect I will be able to do. I can't do that and do 'life'. Considering my appreciation of what life is and who I am, I won't be judging the success of the day and tying my feelings of self fulfilment on whether I was able to carve out time to do that.  

Am I saying that you have to work all day every day, never rest and never reward yourself with lazy pleasures. Absolutely not. 

But this post is about life and how you see it. 

You can find joy and appreciation in doing 'life' - the living bits. Proudly. Carefully. Routinely. With steely, gritty determined hard work. And love the heck out of it. 

A practical example of this concept would be to think of a family who lives in a home for 11 months of the year in conditions that make them miserable so they can invest their savings in a 4 week lavish vacation to escape their misery. On the other hand, a family who considers 'life' more practically might turn their attention to making their home their sanctuary (and in turn their 'life'). They invest in making their home more comfortable and to their liking and build the potential for a lifetime of happiness rather than a 4 week splurge. 

It is a simple example and clearly there are bigger issues at stake, but you get the idea. 

This is a big one and I can't give you a roadmap or a guide - it will be different for everyone in perfect proportion to how different all our lives are. Start by considering what you think life is and what the pragmatic realities of life are for you.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I look forward to sharing more things that have worked for me to make more from less over the coming weeks.

- Mel x