Let it Snow

I saw a few strange things happen this weekend. Unfortunately snow was not one of them.

We are into our 4th day of summer, and beginning to decorate for Christmas. As if it WERE about to snow. As we do in Australia. 

Husband has decorated the front yard as is it were a winter wonderland and the whole family raised and adorned the faux fir tree in beautiful sparkly, mostly winter-themed ornaments. 

Ramped up the air-con till our teeth chattered. Actually we didn't, but I wanted to. 

Ahhhhh traditions. 

I ran errands this afternoon and came home to find a peaceful house of father and children colouring in. And watching cricket. 

For those not in the know, watching cricket is somewhat like watching snow melt. 

Hubby's colouring I have to say, was quite..... pretty. I know. Shocking. I will take a photo and share it on Instagram over the next few days to share. Because I am not kidding. At all. 

It was lovely to see father and daughter bonding over glittery gel pens and pretty designs. 

 I made a 'draw more snowflakes' page so they can do some MORE fun pretty stuff. 

Find it HERE in google drive. Enjoy!

Have a great tail end of the weekend!

- Mel x