Clipart Update

As you know, I am on Christmas break and the drawing juices have already hit! I also have extra time to digitise many of the sketches I have done through the year and turn them into clipart. 

Being creative helps me relax and reinvigorate. 

You can secure my next 9 scrappy sets (picture sets) in a super-saver bundle so you do not miss out on my early-bird new release prices. It will be a hodgepodge bundle as I cannot draw to a schedule and tend to draw when I am feeling creative. 

Here a 6 of my newest sets, included in the bundle:

Scrappy Big Glasses Kids:

Scrappy Christmas Pets:

Scrappy Double Scoop Ice-cream Kids:

Scrappy Clowns:

Scrappy Segmented Snakes:

Scrappy Winter Mug Kids:

I have also recent listed a new set of scrappy oval frames. Ive decided to start numbering them as I am running out of words to describe scrappy frames! All previous sets will remain named as they were and I will start counting from this set. These are not included in the saver bundle as they are frames (not pictures). 

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope the break inspires you to get creative too!