Clipart Updates

Hi friends! I wanted to share with you some updates and new additions to my clipart collection. 

My "Oh So Pretty" teacher-maker set has been updated. This one has elements that you can combine to make a cover for your documents or perhaps a classroom resource. 

I listed a new version of this set also, with a few additional pieces and a new colour palette. 

My 'watermelon' set has been completely remade. 

New colours in my 'counting cubes' set!

Make some fun games and activities with these cupcake puzzle templates. 

I have started a growing bundle of 'pretty dividers' (provided in fun bright colours and line art) to make your worksheets and notes look snazzy. 

And revised my Scrappy Butterflies set! There are now 2 colour options for each design. I apologise for any inconvenience caused with this set - the download was not working correctly and I had accidentally been checking the listing of my other set of scrappy butterflies. 

You can thank a nasty summer storm for all my clipart busyness! I am currently residing in an 'internet connection disaster zone' according to my provider. No more Netflix for a while, and limited online activity... 
The result? I am getting a whole lot of work done! Silver lining to a horrible storm I suppose. 

Thank you so much for stopping by - have a wonderful day!

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