Friday, 5 June 2015

Five for Friday - 5th May

Hip hip hooray - it's Friday! And that means 'Five for Friday'! 

1. If you are a regular blog reader you will know that sometimes I am 12.

I am still obsessed with things like markers and crayons and I added to my little secret stash this week. 

2. The May Winner for my monthly TpT gift voucher giveaway is Ellen! 

Please feel free to enter my June giveaway, daily - HERE

3. I have started reading Blinky Bill to my daughter of an evening - a chapter a day. It is a beautiful Australian story about a funny and mischievous little koala. We are loving it so much. It brings back many fond memories for me. My second grade teacher Mrs Lindsay read it daily to us, just before home time bell. We were enthralled. 

4. Speaking of Australian bush animals - I put the finishing touches on a bundle I have been working on over the last few weeks. This is my second 'Top your Writing' bundle and features Australian native animals. These writing toppers can be added to any writing piece and used to help turn your student writing into an attractive classroom display.

My fave would have to be the Frill Necked lizard. 

5. I have been laminating over the week. I found these baskets at Woolworths and they fit my pouches perfectly. I am using them to store my printed activities before I get them laminated, cut and sorted ready for my file boxes. Every printable activity I design is printed and prepared so I can assure its quality and usability. I then keep them or donate them to schools in my area. 

A huge big thank you to the fabulous ladies at 'A Dab of Glue will Do' and 'Mrs Jones Creation Station'. They held a blogger meet-up and asked me to contribute some clipart prizes for their attendees. It was so nice to be a part of it all, as being over here on the other side of the world it is not always easy to feel included in things like that! 


Have a wonderful weekend my friends!
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