A tea-riffic Week

Hi friends - time for another Five for Friday!

I don't know about you, but my days are hectic and crazy at the moment! By 8pm I am left wondering where the day went, and what exactly I achieved. No matter what my week entails, one thing that gets me through is 'tea time'. Making and enjoying a freshly brewed piping hot cup of black tea always puts me in a better mood! This week, I thought I would capture 5 of them. 

1. Monday Morning - the calm before the storm. Literally. I had some windows in my house replaced.  They were very old, and very difficult to open, and I have been wanting to replace them for a very long time. 
Imagine lots of dust. And wind howling though my house. Fresh Spring pollen. Sneezing. Cleaning. Wiping. Vacuuming. Dusting. Arghhhhhhhhhh!

Never. Ever. Ever trust builders who say 'this won't make any mess'. Clearly, they have never had to keep a house. 

2. Tuesday - time to get organized after the events of Monday left me rattled. New watermelon pencil case from Kikki K is the highlight of the day.  

3. Wednesday - enjoying the morning sunshine from my new window. I don't yet have a curtain to fit, and I am in my PJs for passers-by to see, but I don't care. I love my new window.

4. Thursday - checking emails and taking some notes. Still window-gazing. 


It does sound a little crazy to be so enamoured by windows but they represent something much more than glass and frames. I have worked and saved really hard to get these done, over a very long time so it has been a wonderful week to see some long term goals achieved.

I like to have extremely solid foundations. I like to get things right from the ground up so to speak. My new windows are beautiful, solid and strong. 

I think when you get the framework and foundation right, everything flows easily from it.

I'm off to have another cup of tea. Have a fabulous weekend, my friends. 

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