Monday, 9 February 2015

Peek at a Week of Reading Groups

Hi friends!

I finally got organized in time to link up with Mrs Wills for 'Peek at my Week'. This post is a peek AT a week. And just a tiny part of a week. 

Here are my plans for small group reading activities. We are in the first couple of weeks of school for the year here in Australia, so not much is differentiated yet. We are learning how to be in a new classroom, learning how to get along with new friends and teachers are assessing levels and abilities. 

These plans would be a great way to start off a group rotation program. I blogged yesterday about how I like  to set up a rotation routine. These plans would suit that style of rotation very well, as none of the activities are differentiated. 

I have planned for 6 groups, and the rotation will take 6 days - so possibly make up 2 weeks of the school term. 

You can find the editable plans HERE if you would like to see them up close or use them! 

I have included activities to help revise the content covered in Kindergarten, so the students feel confident in their activities and can focus on learning the routines of the classroom. 

There is an Alphabet Bingo game.

A reading cvc Words game. 

Another sounding-out cvc Words game. 

And a fun numeral identification activity that will help with fine motor strength as well. Click on these images to find the source of the resources. 

Please head over to Mrs Wills blog to find more lesson plans for the week!

Have a great day!

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Stefanie Galvin said...

I always love seeing a peek into your planners!

Also, the letter punch activity looks great! I have a few kids with low-muscle tone and therefore greater fine motor issues than normal. That one would be a fun activity to build some stamina.

Thanks for sharing!

Miss Galvin Learns