Five for Friday with a Freebie

It is that fabulous time of the week - Five for Friday time. Every week I pinkie-promise myself that I will be better at taking photos. I am failing miserably at keeping that promise. Let us just look at it as an exercise in imagination development. For you that is. 

I would say that it is an exercise for me to develop more descriptive and emotive blog posts..... 

but it is Friday night. 
I have just consumed a Valentine's Day chocolate I had ready for hubby (oops). 
It has been a very busy week. 
And really, I care more about you than my blog posts. 

So.... five random happenings... let me see....

1. Go little man!

My little man (almost 3 years old) played the piano today. Well, when I say 'play' I mean that he found the switch that plays beautifully prepared classical music. But he thought he was playing it as he tinkered around on the keys (which normally sounds quite ordinary sweet).  I will never, ever, not-in-a-million-years forget the look on his face. He truly thought he had become a maestro. 

Melt. My. Heart. 

2. It's Friday!

I believe a picture tells a thousand words. I'm a little excited. 

3. Amazing things

Teachers think they are so clever most of the time. Especially the 'really important' ones. This week, I was reminded once again that it is more often than not, the students who teach us. The students show us beautiful reality.

A student I taught many years ago, told me this week that the best thing he remembered from Kindergarten was having two great teachers, instead of just one. 

I have taught in a part time capacity (varying from 1 to 4 days a week) for the last seven years. Although I am home  with my family for part of the week, I have spent more hours living and breathing 'school', 'teaching', and 'learning' than at any other time in my life. But, at school a whole host of things had made me start to believe that I was only 'part' of a teacher. 

Listen to the kids.

4. It's not Monday

Sorry, I just couldn't help it. 

I promise I will take more photos next week. 

5. A new alphabet resource

Just when you thought Friday could not get any better..... 

No, it's not chocolate. 

Or wine. 

A new alphabet printable worksheet packet! Hooray! This one combines the alphabet WITH addition. Told you. Teachers ARE clever.

Your students can solve the addition, finish the key then colour the picture by using the information in the key. I included a number track on the bottom of each page to help with counting.

I would  love you to try a sample!

Download this free worksheet from Google Drive HERE

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