Show Us What You Bought!

I am linking up with the girls at Blog Hoppin' to show you *some* of what I purchased today in the TpT Cyber Sale. 

You may have seen smoke today. That was my credit card. 

It is the end of the school year here in Australia, so many of my purchases were things that will help fill those little moments of time in the day, when you need *something* - know what I mean?! 

The room is getting packed up, the books have been marked and sent home, assessment is all done, library books have been sent back for stock-take, the craft cupboard is almost bare, there may be flecks of glitter through your hair. There *could* be students with glue and glitter in their hair. 

Or maybe with their hair glued to the table.
Not saying that has ever happened in my classroom. 

Like, ever. 

Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching has just listed this Cut and Paste Christmas Printables. I adore Kacey's style and I always know that when I purchase a Doodle Bugs resource, it is going to be high quality and very classroom-friendly! I love this set, and have prepped a few activities for tomorrow already! 

I found more Christmas fun in the December Print and Practice from Cara Carroll. Again, I always adore Cara's resources and so do my students. I love that these will help me celebrate Christmas with my students AND they all have a very clear focus on a range of different skill areas that we have covered through the year. 

I could not resist this new resource from Sarah Cooley. I have a confession to make, I check Sarah's store regularly to see if she has listed new clipart! She is amazingly creative, and all of her resources are so unique and clever. Every resource I have used from Sarah has captivated my students. I think these adorable trolls will make learning about Tally Marks exciting!

I have so much more to show you, so will be back soon with another post. Please try and link up and show me what YOU purchased! It is so nice to see the amazing finds of other teachers, and it will assist me greatly in my endeavour to fill up my wish list again! 

Or, considering there are still 17 hours left to shop, I might jut pop them straight into the cart!

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Thank you so much for stopping by today!