Fold and Create Snowman

December is one of the few meaningful times we can do some cute snowman craft here in Australia. It is Summer BUT it makes total sense, because it is also the month we do 'Christmas' in the classroom (if appropriate at our school setting). 

Total sense, I tell you. 

I took the opportunity to discuss with my students why we have so many images of a 'winter' Christmas despite it being 40 degrees (over 100 F) outside. We talked about the history of our country and the traditions that were brought with many of the early settlers. We also acknowledged the original Australians, and the fact that Christmas was something that was not here when the first Australians inhabited our lands. 

This is a really simple one, and it uses some key paper craft skills - cutting and folding. 

Start by getting your students to cut all the pieces out and provide for them a piece of bright paper, that is the same width as the snowman's body. 

Ask your students to concertina fold the paper

and cut shapes out of the two folded edges.

This will create a nice 'snow' effect. 

Ask your students to colour all the features of the snowman. They can then glue the pieces together. The head is slightly smaller than the body, so they may need to trim their middle section off at one end.

Another idea would be to use a paper circle for the middle of the snowman. My little ones needed lots of practise (practice for those of you in the USA) with folding, and I found a rectangle was easier for them to fold!

Click on the image below to find the template. 

Thanks so much for stopping by my friends!

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