Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Thank you for Tea

One of my favourite things to do is drink tea. More than just the actual drinking, I love to whole ritual of preparing and making my tea. 

I drink English Breakfast in the morning and Earl Grey in the afternoon. I cannot stand milk in tea, and have it hot, black and strong! 

I am linking up with my girls at Blog Hoppin with a week of 'thankful' posts! Today, we are sharing something we are thankful for that begins with "T".

I came late to the party with my affection for tea. I had a few random cups in years gone by, but what got me hooked was a chance encounter with a lady that had a huge impact on me. 

I was in hospital after delivering my baby girl. Those of you that are mothers will understand what I mean when I say I was a tad frazzled. In the hospital I was in, babies are not taken to a nursery. My new baby had been by my side from the second she was delivered. She was 3 days old, and I had maybe 4 hours sleep in total. It was a busy night, I needed some pain relief, and there were no nurses available as I pressed my buzzer. For quite a while. 

In came a lady I had not seen before, I am still not quite sure what her role at the hospital was, and I could tell she was still learning to speak English. I told her I was in pain. There may have been tears. There may have been slight frustration. There were perhaps a few more tears. She told me she could not bring pain relief, but she could get me a cup of tea. "I don't drink tea" I told her. "I get you some" she said. "No, no, thank you, but no thank you" I repeated. "I get you tea" she insisted and warmly gave my shoulders a pat and my (finally sleeping) baby a sweet smile. 

She returned with the tea. Well, trust me, after having a baby and learning so many new things in a few short days amid sleep deprivation, tears, hormones and worries - if someone brings you something and is kind to you - you think you are in the presence of an angel sent straight from heaven. And indeed I did. Her little visit to my room was exactly what I needed at that moment, for many reasons, and the tea... well it did help the pain and the worries. And I have been a devoted drinker ever since! 

I am also forever grateful that the kindness she showed me that night has stayed with me. I know that making a difference in someone's day can be as simple as 'putting the kettle on'. In a hospital filled with "important people" and trained "specialists", the act of one, special, kind person can make the greatest difference of all. 

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Nancy Wilson said...

:-D I had to click on the link to see who put 'Tea'...big smile...YOU! I am amazed that I didn't put tea! Wow, what a great story...simple kindness can have such a huge impact on our lives! I love all kinds of tea...of course I am drinking it right now! I love hot, cold, with milk, without milk, black, herbal, get the point...I am on my way to TpT for your teacups! Thanks Mel! Love you!
The Apple Basket Teacher

Mrs Poultney said...

What a lovely story Mel! You know what? I am a coffee devotee but I do enjoy a lovely English Breakfast every now and then...especially on a cold and windy day. Loved this post!

Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

Kathleen Wright said...

Love your story of the difference a kindness can make. I, too, love tea. I jokingly say that they must have given it to me in my baby bottle as I can only remember always liking it– with plenty of milk and sugar back then. My Irish Nana would say, "How about a wee cuppa tea?" I dozen times a day. It always fixed what ailed us, even when we weren't ailing. I miss her so. Thanks for the post. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

Dina said...

Thanks to my Australian husband for introducing me to the joys of a "cuppa"! I end each day with a cup of Earl Grey and sometimes one in the afternoon - especially on the weekends!I loved your story! I am always amazed at home a cup of tea can have such a calming effect. Thanks for sharing the adorable tea cups and stick kids! Too cute!

Mel FromthePond said...

Awww, thank you everyone! See! A cup of tea brings everyone together :) Nancy, I will have a cuppa with you one day. Tania, you may be able to tempt me into trying coffee one day, until then, I shall share a red with you. Kathleen, I have fond memories of my nan and mum drinking lots of tea and she would say 'I will just put the jug on then will I love?" and Dina, what can I say!? Bless your hubby! I am having a cuppa right now in celebration! :)