Friday, 11 July 2014

I Love Fridays

I love Fridays, especially because it is time for one of the best linkies ever - 'Five for Friday' with Doodle Bugs Teaching! I love sharing 5 random happenings from my week.

Please excuse any typos or sentences that not do sense make. I have very tired eyes. I have been glued to many screens over the last few days, devouring photos from the TpT conference in Vegas. It is so exciting to see so many online friends having a blast meeting one another and celebrating the success and phenomenon that is TpT!

I do wish I could be there too! Next year....

1. The odd duck out.

Now if you know me, you know that I have a feathered-animal issue. It's not that I do not like them, or am scared. I just find it difficult to look at them. It hurts my eyes (more than hours of glaring at Vegas photos). No, that is a fib. It actually turns my stomach. 

I make the trek to the local 'duck pond' with my little ones, occasionally - to get some of that stuff, oh what is it called again... fresh air. 

And if it wasn't for that white one there, I could not do it. I keep my eyes firmly fixed on her. White feathers are fine. 

She is quite the odd one out, as you can see. Filled with wild and native ducks and birdlife, she certainly stands out. We often joke about her, and create stories about how she got to be living out in the wild with her new friends, clearly escaping a farm or backyard somewhere. 

One thing for sure, is that she appears to believe she is just like the others. She had absolutely no clue that she is the odd duck out. The water is too murky to see her reflection. She flaps around and fits in beautifully. Every time I see her, I remember that in life, most people just want to feel included, and that there is indeed, room for everyone. 

Side note - this is NOT the pond that inspired From the Pond. That pond, has NO feathers. Whastoever.

2. Lego

It is still Winter vacation here. Lego is on the agenda most days. We went to a 'brick show' on the weekend and this impressive build was one of the displays!  The man that built this is Pete White, and he has some photos up HERE of his other Lego creations.

And a tidbit for future reference - we only say 'Lego' in Australia - never 'Lego's'. I love learning all these little differences. 

3. Sunshine
We are in the midst of a very cool Winter, but almost every day, we have had beautiful big blue skies and sunshine. I have a little seat next to my computer where I adjourn to sit in the sun and have a cup of tea to rest my sore Vegas-photo-obsessed-eyes , relax,  read books to Mr Delicious Sweet Cheeks. I am of the belief that it is my relaxation chair. Mr 2 believes it is the reading chair. He recognises the sound of me settling down, from any point within the house - and he comes running. 

4. I told another fib - I AM in Vegas
I got the sweetest message through the week, from 2 Super Teachers. They asked if I would mind if they made a 'Flat Mel' to take on their trip to Vegas. 

Um, hello! "Yes!" I screamed! How exciting! 

They have made a little Flat Mel, and are taking a few happy snaps around the traps.

Beyond feeling excited to be a small part of the whole Vegas thing, and not missing the first TpT conference ever (entirely), I am also very humbled by their thoughtfulness. 

This teacher blogging community is amazing. 

Click on the image below to find 2 Super Teachers and if you are on Instagram, you can keep updated there too!

5. New Word Card Collection

I have had a box of words at the ready, ever since my first day of teaching. I am going to blog about it in greater detail on the weekend, to give you lots of ideas. You can also see my badly-in-need-of-a-freshen-up box back in my posts about my Core Drawers (it sits on the top). 

I hit the shops and got a brand-spankin'-new index card box, files and have started printing. 

Yep, its a crazy fun week in my house.

So there you have it - 5 random but wonderful things from my week. I hope your week made you happy too!

Please head over to Doodle Bugs to find lots of amazing bloggers celebrating the random things in life!


Sarah said...

Your 'Flat Mel' is so cute! Lucky you to be in Vegas :) haha. Have a nice weekend!

Stefanie Galvin said...

Flat Mel is adorable and I'm so happy you get to 'go' to Vegas! <3

Every time I buy a new index card box it gets dropped within a week and so I have a collection of broken index boxes. I've made the best of it though - I use both the bottom and top to hold word cards!

Miss Galvin Learns

Alison Hislop said...

I am in desperate need of a relaxation chair Mel! I love that you call your son Mr Delicious Sweet Cheeks!

Enjoy your weekend,


Mel - From the Pond said...

Me toooooo Stef! When you see the photo of my 'old' one, you will see that it has no lid! I am hopeless!

Mel - From the Pond said...

Me toooooo Stef! When you see the photo of my 'old' one, you will see that it has no lid! I am hopeless!

Carol Davis said...

Hi Mel! I have seen those photos of Flat Mel and just now learned who it was! I love your photo of the white duck and comments about it- profound! Thanks for sharing!
Teachers Are Terrific!

MsAPlusTeacher said...

I love that Flat Mel was able to go to Vegas! That's so awesome! I adore your blog and all your work! I own all your fonts and quite, quite a bit of your clipart!

Enjoy your winter vacay!
Happy Friday,
My Shoe String Life

Shelley- TheWriteStuffTeaching said...

Hi Mel,
I really wish you were able to make it to Vegas. Your poor eyes. I was posting on IG and FB for those not able to come but I also felt bad because if it was me at home, I would've cried! Well, luckily there's next year and hopefully you'll be able to come. You could fly and bunk with Emma!

I signed your Flat Mel and it is SUPER cute. I am so happy I got to sign and you are going to have it!


Shelley :)
The Write Stuff Teaching