I am linking up again with TTT for 'Monday Meet Up'. Today we are sharing 3 things that we are thankful for. Now, I think I could easily list a hundred or so, but I will narrow it down to just 3 for today. 

1. My Childhood
Being a mother now, I often reflect on how my childhood compares with that of my daughter. Seriously, at the time, I thought I had it tough in the 'good old days'. I remember putting groceries back on the shelf at the supermarket, because my mother's purse would not quite stretch enough. I remember having dry cereal and a glass of water for my afternoon snack, when the pantry was almost empty. I remember having to make deals with my parents to snag a piece of paper to draw on. I had enough books to fill maybe half a small shelf in my bedroom.

Life was not filled with 'stuff' or loads of money. But it was grand. I had two parents that showed me how to work hard. I had a father that showed me how to make everything from almost nothing - to look after what you did have and make it amazing. 
I had time. A lot of it. I got bored - frequently, and from that nurtured some creativity.
I worked my little tail off through high school and university with little more than a desk, notebook and a few pens. Proving to myself, that you don't need much more than determination and persistence to achieve.
I learnt that times of struggle can actually be your most treasured memories ever. 

2. Now  
As much as I often feel nostalgic for more simpler times, I have very thankful for the amazing world we currently like in. I love this crazy thing called the internet. I love that I can be sitting at home here in Australia and be chatting, connecting and collaborating with amazing friends and teachers all over the world. 
I recently did a 'roll call' on my Facebook page to find out the location of some of my followers. 
New York, to Columbia, to Australia, Japan, London, Hong Kong, Hawaii and everything in between and beyond. These places popped up within minutes of me posting. 
I am so thankful that I have met amazing friends online that continue to support and encourage me - even though it seems that they are a million miles away!

3. My Family
I was going to do a lighthearted one, and say tea. Or chocolate. My box set of Friends DVDs or maybe sunshine.... 
But I cannot overlook my husband and 2 amazing children. I love them and am so thankful that I get to be a part of their life. They support me, understand me and it is just so amazingly cool to have such a peaceful happy life with them.

Thank you so much for visiting today - see, another one, this 'thankful' business is contagious!

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