Monday Meet Me

I am linking up with The Teaching Tribune for 'Monday Meet Me'! 

It is Monday already here in Australia. We have a 3 day long weekend, so I am beginning to have 'that Sunday feeling' on a Monday. Winter is truly upon us, so I am glad to be thinking about the sunshine my northern hemisphere friends are enjoying!

Here are a few things about me!

I teach..... because I love it. It sounds simple enough, but I do count my blessings every single day that somehow I had the foresight 18 years ago to check a box on a form to say I wanted to study to be a teacher. I hoped I would like being a teacher. I never expected to LOVE it. Seriously, beyond me feeling like it is 'part' of who I am, it is just the BEST 'job' in the world. 

I have.... the 2 best children in the whole wide world. Well, that is what I tell them every. single. day. They are so much of the reason I can do 'all this'. I have a daughter (7) and a son (2). Love them to bits... and beyond!

I watch.... TV while I am "working" on my blog and TpT stuff. Do they call it 'multitasking'?  I don't know what to call it, but I have lived with it my whole life. It is vary rare to find me sitting still doing one thing, like concentrating. I usually have 2 or 3 things going on at one time, and it just feels normal to me. I will be making a cup of tea for example, and sketching a new clipart AND talking to my sister on the phone. 

I put "working" in inverted commas, because hubby and I are currently working our way through the box collection of Friends DVDs and I DO like the episode where Joey "learns" how to use them.

I asked hubby the other night, quite seriously, if he was a Friend character, who would he be.  Not who would he want to be, but who would he be. He settled on Ross, and I had to agree. Me... I like to think I would be Rachel, but I am probably I hybrid between Ross, Chandler and Rachel. I know, I know, I strive for simplicity, but its just not happening. 

I listen to my beautiful boy learning new words every day. He has just hit a language explosion, and is coming out with new ones every day. Like his name "Ham" (for Sam) and "mook" (for milk). Melt. My. Heart. 

I read..... the newspaper every morning while having a cup of tea or two - and usually making  lists or answering emails. I also love reading The Readers Digest magazine (long story cut very short, but I was trapped as a child, for many long boring hours with nothing but a stack of them), teaching blogs, trashy tabloid magazines, Jane Austen novels and Pinterest (I feel better if I call that 'reading'). I like reading menus too. 

I do..... love ladybugs! If I sit with a brand new sketch book, empty my mind and just draw, invariably a ladybug will surface. Maybe a cupcake. Sometimes a frog. Honestly, I could open a ladybug clipart store, and just fill it with bugs. Here is one I have just tidied up and made into clipart. You can click and download straight from this page. My Terms of Use are HERE

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