Fun and Family!

I am linking up with Blog Hoppin for some New Year fun! Today, its all about family!

I could write a whole blog for the whole year about my crazy beautiful family. My family is small, but what is lacks in size it makes up for in fabulousness. Modest, aren't I!? My hubby's family is MUCH bigger than mine, so I am loving getting to know how a large family feels too!

I don't often post pictures of my children, but yes they exist, and yes I adore them and they are a HUGE part of my life. I have taken leave from teaching (which is a part of my heart) to be with them while they are little. Sam is almost 2 and he was a true blessing. I was not supposed to have him and had been told by my doctor not to have any more children - but here he is, and my, my has he changed my life. I grew up in a very 'female' world, with female cousins, a sister, lots of girl friends... and when Sam came along I wondered if I was going to know what to do with him! But let me tell you, we are like two peas in a pod. I love my days with Sam. I feel very connected to my children, I 'knew' each of them was coming. I told my hubby (just before we were married) that we would have a girl, then a boy. I really felt like I already knew them then. Right through both pregnancies, I could sense their personality. I have always had good intuition like that, but it took me a long time to accept it and acknowledge it. 

My daughter is of course, very special too. She started school this year and I am so proud of how she has handled it. She is super shy, sensitive but very creative and clever. Of course it would have been great if they had of been closer in age, but its worked out very well, as she adores her baby brother and helping me keep him busy. 

Here we are at the park today. 

Lots of people ask me how I manage to get so much done. Well there are many reasons for that, but my kids are one of the main reasons. It is my job to tell you how wonderful they are (it comes with the 'mother territory')! They are AMAZING kids! They are gentle, funny, kind and creative. They really do not give me once ounce of trouble - they have never really thrown a big tantrum, they sleep well, eat well and are easily entertained. I know - I do keep pinching myself and I do realise that all children are precious and beautiful, regardless of how challenging they can be. But the fact that they are so 'easy-going' means, I stay fairly sane and can work from home. Sam sleeps 3 hours during the day, and they have both slept 12 hours through the night from around 8 months of age. I have only had to get up once or twice to them through the night. Ever. Things will change over the years, I am prepared for that, but at the moment, they make my life wonderful and I feel so blessed that I get to be their mummy! 

One goal I have for 2014, in regards to my kids is to get their albums done. I think the last photo I have printed is of my daughter's 1st birthday! I know. Slack. Its the year to get the photos printed!! 

(Just excuse the little lumps on my forehead and lack of make up in this photo, I had a minor procedure a dew months back to get some nasties removed off my face - it all good now, but no makeup till it all heals!). 

One other reason I am able to do what I do is this amazing man - my husband Brett! We are best friends and soul mates! I am sharing this photo with you as very soon we will share our 10th wedding anniversary! Where has the time gone? I feel like I have known Brett forever - and we do go together like peas and carrots! 

At the risk of making this post read like I have a perfect life, I will say that Brett is an amazing person. He is also kind, funny and insanely-clever. He has never had a fight with me (I might have got a teeny tiny bit cranky a couple of times), he is patient and makes me laugh a LOT! We just 'get' each other and although we may not always agree with each other straight away, he always listens and is able to discuss things without getting upset. Yes it occasionally gets irritating that he is so calm and level headed, ALL. THE. TIME. I won't tell you anything but great things, as again, that is my job as a wife I think. I support my family, as they do me, and will only ever tell you the great things! 

This year, I want to make sure hubby and I have some date nights. He is a HUGE movie buff. Like seriously. Now my babies are not so much 'babies' anymore, I think I might be able to handle leaving them a little bit more!

My mum and dad live very close by to us, and although they are busy with their own lives and work, it is so nice to have their support. They were great parents growing up - quite strict, but very loving and nurturing as well. I certainly knew where my boundaries were as a child. In hindsight, mum and dad were amazing role models. My mum was just a beam of sunshine. I don' think I ever have or will find a person like her. 'Kind' is a word that is thrown around a lot these days, but my mum just personified the word. Her heart is just beautiful - I have literally never heard her say a bad word about anyone. But she is not a push over, she is strong and determined and very creative. My dad is talented, creative, clever and a HARD worker. HE would hate to read this blog post, as on top of all that, he is seriously humble. We were NEVER allowed to boast as children. He was ultra conservative with praise but taught us to do the small things very well, to look at tiny details and to always finish something we started. 

This year, I want to do something really special for my mum and dad. They work so hard and do so much, they very rarely take time for themselves or 'treat themselves' - now I just have to work out what to do for them!

As I said, I could rabble on all day about my family. Family is everything to me. They are not perfect, but I just love them all so much I choose to see all their wonderful qualities and look past everything else! 

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