Saturday, 4 January 2014

Fitness Goals for 2014

I am linking up with Blog Lovin this week to get my goals and resolutions for 2014 sorted!

Today, its fitness.. eek!

I have been all over the fitness thing and back again over the last couple of decades. I was running 5 to 10 kilometres every day at my peak, and I am safely guessing that at the moment I am at my worst fitness level ever. Walking has played a huge part in my life since I was in the last few years at High School and used to go daily to manage stress. I continued, well into my 1st pregnancy. Angels speak to people when they go walking!

I had an injury a few years ago, and after seeing MANY different 'experts' and trying heaps of different remedies and exercises to get back on track, I finally got the best advice ever, and that was to STOP. And let my body heal itself. And, for 18 months I did just that - with some 'tummy time' thrown in each day (yes, I would lie down on my tummy with my daughter on the floor for 30 minutes at a time).  It worked, very, very well for the most part. I have not been in as bad daily pain since. But it did derail my daily fitness, and I have never really got back to it regularly.

So my promise to myself this year is that I will put my walking shoes on each and every day and stand on my front porch. I am not sure how far I will get, but its a whole lot more than I have been doing, and I have to say, getting out the door is often the most difficlut part.

I am also going to make sure that if I am sitting at the computer for more than twenty minutes, that I at least stand up, move around and take a break. This is an easy one through the day, as my toddler makes sure I do not do any task for longer than 10 minutes uninterrupted. But.... I have been known to get caught up at the computer for a few hours at night, when the kids are in bed.

So there you have it, my two fitness goals. Highly achievable I am hoping. Like most things in life, I think they will snowball into something more grand.

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Stefanie Galvin said...

Good luck with your goals, Mel!

I'm… not great with fitness goals. Although, that said, last year I participated in Steptember with some of the staff at school. Our goal was to do 10,000 steps (each) every day during September. It was a lot of fun - even my class got involved and we had regular lap-running/walking sessions around the oval in the afternoon. By the end of the month I reached 369,166 steps, which is a HUGE thing for me. (Also highlighted just how MUCH walking teachers do on a daily basis without thinking about it.)

So, my goal this year should prob. be to start wearing my pedometer again and get back into this habit and gradually increase my steps (especially on the weekends!). :D

Miss Galvin Learns

Mrs Poultney said...

Yay Mel! I am with you on the hardest part being to actually get those joggers on and get out the door. I am onto day 4 and am happy to say I am running more than walking now. You'll get there, and hopefully I will be right there with you!

Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

Matt Johnson said...

“…my two fitness goals. Highly achievable I am hoping.” – I agree. These are good goals to start your year. It’s sad to hear that you have to stop your regular workout because of your injury, btut that's in the past. The important thing now is you've recovered well and ready to start with baby steps on exercising once again.

Matt @

Carmelia Paradise said...

Baby steps, Mel. You must be itching to get back out there after you’ve fully recovered. Returning to your normal workout routine a day too soon may aggravate your old injury or create a new one. There will come a time when you might not want to put on your running shoes, so make sure to keep your willpower up. Always get a good night’s sleep, eat right, and keep up that sweet disposition!

Carmelia Paradise @