Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Pencils and Crayons Go Back to School!

Today, we found some missing pencils to complete number sequences. We talked about numbers before/after.

There were lots!

We also sorted some mixed up crayons - getting them into order from the least to the greatest number.

These activities and five others can be found in my new 'Back to School' Print and Play Packet. I am going to out it on sale (20% off)  for today. If you would like to check it out, find it at TpT HERE

Nursery Rhymes and Paper Craft

If you have somehow missed my Primary Freebie on TpT, grab it today. It is coming up on 5 years since I started on TpT and I think a change is in order. Or at least a freshen up! It is a Jack and Jill Teaching Kit, and inside is a cute little paper craft.Colour the template pieces. 

Cut a slit in a paper plate and fold in half. 

Stick on 'the hill'!

Slide in Jack and Jill

Attach a split pin (brad)

Staple on the sides.. and off they go to get their pail of water!

I am working on some Nursery Rhyme graphics at the moment. Little Bo Peep is done, you can find them at TpT HERE

And you can try to win Humpty, over at my graphics blog!