Pinning - Fine Motor and Phonics Fun!

My little one LOVES to pokey pin!
Spider Fine Motor Activity

Why Pokey Pin?

It can be a perfect way to help cranky, agitated little ones relax and refocus. It helps with fine motor coordination. Once finished, the pages make a great window display in the classroom. Some of your kids will also enjoy the sensory experience of running their finger along the lines created at the back of  the page when its finished. 

Alphabet Pokey Pin Pages

I have made a new set of 'Pinning Pages' for my TpT store. Just print of the relevant page. Staple it to the front of a coloured piece of paper. 

How to Pokey Pin

  • Provide your students with a drawing pin (push pin) - I like the giant push pins (Amazon affiliate link)
  • Show them how to work on a soft surface or stack of newspaper. 
  • Demonstrate and emphasise the safety rules of working with pins. 
  • I show them that we always point the pin down, and never move around the classroom with it. 
  • Also emphasise the importance of putting the pin away correctly when the activity is finished. 
I have never had any problems with this activity after a thorough  mini-lesson on safety. We have created a set of printable rule posters if this would help you.

  • Students push their pin through each dot on the page to create a small hole. Then once finished, the white cover paper is removed to reveal the design.

This spider is just one design out of 26 included in my new "A-Z Pinning Pages" product. 

Free Sample Pokey Pin Page

If you would like to try out this activity we share this pumpkin page with you over in our free Coloring Club library! 

We know your little learners will love it!