Sunday Smorgasbord

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I am linking up with Michelle at Fabulous in First with some Sunday random-ness!

Perhaps not entirely random for me, as I am quite fond of listing the occasional freebie. It is y birthday this week, so this one is to celebrate and also because I just cannot stop looking at cute chalkboards right now. Grab them from TpT!

I have started work on a new series of Kindergarten mini work booklets. These are for number and provide daily activities for your students.

Within a few hours of listing the first one I had someone ask me if I was going to bundle them up, so I have listed that already, even though I am still working on the last 4 titles in the set. 

Here is what is in my sketch book waiting to be digitised! 

Told you it was going to be random! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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