Super Pack for Bundy!

In early February this year, Bundaberg East State School here in Australia was under water after tropical cyclone Oswald hit the state of Queensland.
Bundaberg East School lost most of its teaching resources and is struggling to rebuild.
I 'met' a teacher called Jody in the seller's forum of the TeacherspayTeachers website. Jody works at a school very close to Bundaberg East. Many teachers from around the world have helped Jody already by supplying her with files to pass on to teachers affected by the floods.
Jody tells me that as well as damage to the school, the town had two shopping centres go under and they are still months away from re-opening. They had several main roads just wash away and a whole section of their 'new' bridge wash out. Houses washed away - one was sitting in the middle of the highway - demolished now. There are a few that have sunk down into big holes created by the water. The destruction was simply unbelievable.
I asked Jody if we could work together to raise some money to give to her school to purchase some brand new equipment for the children at Bundaberg East.
As in so many other cases I have seen in the last few years, teachers quickly offered to help. 20 of them joined Jody and I by donating a resource file suitable for K-2 teachers. These resources have been put together into a SUPER FUN packet that is over 550 pages and packed with value!
All proceeds from the sale of this super packet will go directly to Bundy East State School, through Jody Ward. The packet has been listed in her TpT store HERE
This packet includes the following files from some awesome teacher authors and is worth over $70!
Donna Coleman - One Breath Boxes – Fry Words
Alissa Manning-Telisak - Summer ABC Order
Linda Nelson - Animal Riddles  
Laureen from Teach with Laughter - Sour Lemons
Lindsey from Lovin' Kindergarten - 5 and 10 Frame Station Games   
Cindy T - Gumball Odd Even  
Tami Steele - Months and Seasons Write the Room
Cyndie Dunn - World Sliders Racing Theme
Cynthia Vautrot - Fun Games for All Subjects  
Wendy Kayne - How’s the Weather Bundle 
Shanyn Newell - Introduction to Multiplication     
Stefanie L Galvin - A-Z Silly Sentence Sort 
Merinda Powell - Surfs Up I have Who Has Letters
Jennifer Dowell - Antonyms Unit    
Martha Moore - Decompose Numbers      
Amy Grout - Place Value Pirates           
Michelle McVay - Vocab Building Skills
Mel Lloyd (Me) - Addition Match

Ann Shep  - Stormie Sun Safety Interactive Reader                                        
You can buy all these wonderful resources in one super value bundle for just $15 and be reassured that all the proceeds will go to Jody to be passed on to the school. It will be available to April 30th 2013.
Here are some photos that Jody emailed me that will show you the extent of destruction in her town. It is heartbreaking.
I am sure Jody will have lots to tell you in a blog post that she will write, and I will link up with her as soon as she writes it -as you can imagine this girl is a little busy right now!

Thank you so much for stopping by and I do hope you will be able  to help us!



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