A Bloggy Meet Up

I travelled down the highway today to meet up with Brooke from Teachable Moments in Tuggerah - which is about a half way point between our two towns.
Teachable Moments
It was the first time we have met! We have been chatting away through our blogs and TpT during the last year.
We met at Max Brenner (a chocolate FILLED café) and shared this yummy chocolate fondue plate. SO yummy!
I seriously yacked poor Brooke's head off, and have sent her a message since telling her we need to have catch up #2 so she can have a turn to talk!
We have so much in common, we both
- teach in NSW public schools
- have daughters in Kindergarten this year
- have seriously delicious 2nd born sons that we spoil
- have major clipart addictions
- love chocolate
- rock a blue cardy (cardigan for all you non-Australians)
And here we are! Brooke is the fantastic looking brunette on the right!
Thank you to everyone that has helped promote and support the 'Super Pack for Bundy'. Jody told me today that we are almost at $900! I am beyond thrilled. I know that the students at Bundaberg East will get some lovely new resources with those funds. We would love to get to $1000, so if you could help us promote this packet for this last week, we would be so grateful.
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Find the packet on TpT HERE
Thanks for stopping by!