Monday, 25 February 2013

Domino Dump

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Here is another fun game that will help your students with early number skills. Turn a plain domino sort activity into a motivating and engaging game by using some toy dump trucks!

Sadly, I only had one truck in our toy room at home, but I have used a couple of other vehicles here for the photo...

Make a range of cards with 'less than', 'same as' and 'more than' and a range of numerals from 0-12 (if you are using double six dominoes). Keep these cards for a range of maths games.

Students can play this as an individual or a group. Place a card on each vehicle (same number). The students then sort through all the dominoes and place them in the corresponding domino dump truck!

As your students are looking at each domino, they are being encouraged to
- recognise dot patterns (subitise)
- add two groups to find a total
- determine quantities of less than/more than
- think about equality
- recognise a range of combinations that add to make a number
- begin to develop more advanced strategies to add/subtract (e.g. they may sort a 3/3 domino into the 'same as' truck in the example above, and then sort a 3/4 domino very quickly, realising it is only one more than 6, as 4 is one more than 3).

These advanced strategies begin to emerge when you play simple games like these with your students. But play them often!
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Should you like to ask your students to record  their findings on a worksheet, I have provided one here that you can download for free from google drive.
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Challenge you more-able students by using a double-9 set of dominoes!

Here is something else I finished today that I just have to share.
It's a set of (Sight Word) Popcorn Word posters that can be printed and displayed in your classroom featuring the 100 most commonly used sight words. Great for when your students need to find a tricky word to spell in their writing.

I recently created a popcorn word wall for my classroom, and got blisters on my hands from all the cutting... and more cutting after I laminated :( It was then that I realised that there had to be an easier way - and this file was born! So if you need a fast and effective Popcorn Word Wall here it is - NO cutting required! Take a peek on TpT if you are interested.

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Have a great day my friends!


Little Miss Primary said...

I LOVE the Domino Dump idea, Mel!! What a great way to promote number sense! Thanks for sharing!! :)

Little Miss Primary

Stefanie Galvin said...

LOVE the idea of Domino Dump! I'm actually a bit sad because I have NO dump trucks, whatsoever. I may have to get creative and use alternative storage, but I definitely love this idea because I have a huge tub of foam dominoes that are sitting in my classroom waiting to be used!

Miss Galvin Learns

Cindy Calenti said...

The domino/truck number sort is great. Can't wait to share this with my college teacher prep students.
Granny Goes to School

Sandy Welch said...

We did the Domino Dump activity!! It was a hit! I'm doing this every year. Thank you so much!