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Five Fab Graphics Freebies!

Frog Spot Five Freebies

OK, I know this post says Saturday, and it is supposed to be 'Friday' Freebies... but seriously, I thought it was Friday all day until my husband politely told me I was a day out. Does that happen to you over the holidays? Really, I don't think I had a clear idea of what day it was at all, it just kinda felt a little like Friday.

Anyways... here are 5
 sets of clipart/graphics from very talented artists over at TeacherspayTeachers!

Krista Wallden has a very cute set of Color Pencils Clipart
I love all the colours she has included!
Miss N has a very cool set of ThinChevron Digital Papers
I was so excited to find these at my friend Shanyn's store. You will love them!
Blair Turner and made a set of Stripes and Chevron Digital Background Paper
These will look wonderful on your next teaching resource, thank you for sharing Blair!
(I have a not-so-secret-anymore-that-I-just blogged-about it name-crush on Blair. Seriously, if I wanted to be a movie star, I think Blair Turner would be perfect!)
Sarah Cooley has made an adorable set of Snowdudes.
I am sure you have probably seen these already, as they are the cutest and hard to miss - but if you haven't, you must check them out! Be sure to follow Sarah's store, as I am sure she will have other A-MAZING clipart coming in the future!
Randi  has made a delightful Freebie Clip Art Set for Commercial Use
So cute and perfect for your next fairytale resource!
Thank you to all these wonderful artists for sharing your work freely. I understand how hard it can be to part with precious work sometimes.
Happy Friday Saturday everyone!

12 Things I Loved About Christmas Linky!

Christmas is my favourite time of year. We do not celebrate too many 'holidays' here in Australia, so Christmas is the BIG one! It coincides with the end of the school year, the summer break from school, and many families have time off work to relax and unwind for the year.
Here are 12 things I loved about Christmas 2012. Please copy my button and link up and share what you loved!
1. Him
Need I say any more? He is the reason for the season, and really I should not go beyond this one, but I just have to have 12, so I will try!
2. Chocolate
This big girl shaved a cool 5kg off on the lead up to Christmas, to have some room to indulge, and I think I many have popped them all back on over the last 3 days. I just inhale chocolate and go up a dress size, but it is too good to resist!
3. The smiles and excitement on my children's faces!
All parents will understand..... There is nothing like it, next to memories of your own childhood Christmas days!
4. Christmas papers and cards.
Me, paper and ink. Need I say anymore!?
5. Little Dutch Girl Teapot Cutie
My hubby knows that next to chocolate, TEA is what warms my heart, and this little beauty will look wonderful in my collection!
6. Shortbread
Me. Sugar. Butter. You get the picture.
7. Husbands that FIX things.... eventually
I am blessed to have a Dad that can fix just about anything.... but I married a man that knows how to shop!
Christmas 2011, hubby followed my directions found this little tea infuser/cup and I was IN LOVE! Two days later he broke it. I'm not saying he is clumsy, just that A LOT of things in my house get broken... hmmmm. However, he finally redeemed himself with this addition to my Christmas stocking this year! SO. EXCITED.
8. Great big 'its been TOOOOOOO long' hugs,
from people that you saw last Christmas and promised you would see sooner.
9. The anticipation of starting a fresh new diary
and a fresh new calendar! Did someone say kikki k and boxing day sales??
10. Christmas Tea
This was my FAVE present - honestly, its like drinking Christmas. I have had 6 already, and am dreading seeing the bottom of the tin.
 11. Heartfelt thanks!
Love getting and giving heartfelt thanks for gifts and the end of a great year!
12. Santa
Love the big fat red man!

Exciting Giveaway

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Learning About Life in Kindergarten

One of my favourite books is All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum. In Kindergarten you should learn such things as:


Share everything.
Play fair.
Don't hit people.
Put things back where you found them….


And of course, taking these basic lessons and applying them to your adult life.


They are such simple ideas, but so true. Ask any teacher that has had Kindergarten for a few years, and they will tell you what an insight it gives you into human behavior…..the beauty of it, and the simultaneous simplicity and complication of it. Kindergarten is often a fascinating microcosm of society and a place where brilliant, exceptional things take place.  Most Kindergarten teachers would love to share a few of those stories with you, and they probably have a special little book at home where they keep a note of them. I have a plastic document folder filled with the special drawings that past Kindergarten students have given me – each a little reminder of the very special time we shared in that first year at big school. A recorded snapshot of a precious little soul before the trials of school life begin to take their toll.


The horrible news over the weekend, that Kindergarten children were victims in the most horrid of acts has left teachers the world over, numb. We simply don’t have many words. As a teacher and mother I am truly devastated. Flat. Dazed.


The juxtaposition of a safe, happy Kindergarten classroom with the horror of what happened in Sandy Hook, is both baffling and heart wrenching.


It is unimaginable to consider what some of those children learned in Kindergarten that horrible day. It is simply not right. I will go to bed tonight and every night, praying with hope that every child in the future can learn that Kindergarten is to be full of joy, hope, wonder, excitement and learning – and never terror.

I will pray that teachers continue to be some of the true heroes in our world - that out of this misery we can help each other to cope and that we can together, see a way forward. As Robert says in his book And it is still true, no matter how old you are - when you go out into the world, it is best to hold hands and stick together.

To my friends in the USA, I cannot pretend to know what you are going through. I can only try to understand. Please know that teachers all over the world are thinking about you and praying for you.

Silence for Sandy Hook Elementary

12 12 12 in the Classroom!

What a special date! I like it most because no matter where you are in the world, you will know exactly the day and month when you see this written!
In Australia we write the short date DD/MM/YY and in the US I have learned, they write MM/DD/YY
The next time the short date will appear in this fashion will be in 89 years! On the 1st January 2101 - or 01/01/01. Not too sure I will be around for that one.
Celebrate the number 12 in your classroom to remind students how special it is (and just to have some fun!).
- Count to 12, forwards, backwards, by 2s, 3s and 4s. Count by 12s!
- Talk about things that come in 12s (dozen eggs, months, 2 sets of ladybugs legs!)
- Read books about number 12 (Mr Men 12 Days of Christmas)
- Sing 12 days of Christmas!
- Write a story about 12 elves (just because it sounds cute)
- Give each child a small box and see if they can find 12 things that fit inside
- Write as many problems as possible that make 12 (10+2, 6+6, 3x4)
- Make something with an egg carton!
-Play Buzz, but with multiples of 12 not 5
I put together a set of fun activities (mostly paper activities) that might help your Kinders mark this special day! Find it here at TpT
Head over to Carrberry Creations to join the 12-12-12 linky fun!

FREE Green Paper Circle Christmas Tree Craft

Are you one of my Australian teacher followers, and just trying to hold it all together for the last 2 weeks of the school year? Packing up the room? Kids 'busy' with excitement for Santa, and end-of-year craziness! Presentation day looming? Party day?

I bet your classroom supplies have all but gone?

Do you have some green paper circles somewhere in the bottom of your tote trays? You need little else to create this little cutie with your kids!

My daughter and I stood in front of the craft cupboard today, and decided on something simple - sometimes there are just too many choices (in my defence, I have been a craft crazy since I was about 5, and this collection has grown since then!)

Start with a green paper circle...

A blue piece of paper for the background

And a scrap of brown paper...

Crayons, glue and scissors
(have I told you how much I LOVE MICADOR crayons - no they don't pay me to say that, I just seriously LOVE their stuff - these Beeswax Triangular Crayons are a crafty kid's heaven stick! They are neat and non-messy to use, but give the rich bright result of an oil pastel. Seriously, if you have these, your little ones will draw ALL day! It's heaven! Notice in my example above how the crayon goes nice and thick and bright over coloured paper!

Anyhow, back to the craft. Fold and cut circle in half.

Then a quarter...

And an eighth...

Stick them down, with a scrap brown bit for the trunk

White crayon some snow - as you know, its 35 degrees celsius here today, but its Christmas and even little Australians dream of a white Christmas!

Add some colour and a shiny star on top!
Voila! Pretty tree!

Make it interesting by using different papers and mediums - here is one we did with a paper doily and paint.

Craft foam and mini-ribbon decals.

If you don't have paper circles left, but you have a photocopier - then I have made a template for you! See, I know what it can be like this time of year in an Australian kindergarten! Nothing left!

Find it HERE at Tpt!

And its FREE!

If you like craft with paper circles, you can find this nifty file there too!

And, if you really have no resources left in your store room and need something exciting to help pass the last 2 weeks (with some number learning as the focus) - photocopy these 'Print and Play' games to keep your little kindies smiling all the way to Presentation Day! Paper, pencils and basic game equipment needed only!

What to give Santa!?

I read an adorable Christmas story with my daughter last night, that featured a little boy Sam that wanted to give a present to Santa.
The book is called A Present for Father Christmas and it is written by Dana Kubick. We loved discussing all the lovely things that we could give Santa. And as told in the story, my daughter is now convinced that Santa gets very little on Christmas day for himself.
The story ends with Santa reassuring Sam, that it is quite OK that he did not actually get to buy Santa a gift, and that he was just so happy that he was in Sam's thoughts. There was quite a few great themes for discussion that would work very well in the classroom in this story - themes of giving, thoughtfulness, thinking of others, and the sorts of gifts that matter the most.
For fun, why not brainstorm with your class what they would like to give Santa, should they get the opportunity! Have them fill out this worksheet with drawings or writing!
Download it from google drive (docs) HERE