12 12 12 in the Classroom!

What a special date! I like it most because no matter where you are in the world, you will know exactly the day and month when you see this written!
In Australia we write the short date DD/MM/YY and in the US I have learned, they write MM/DD/YY
The next time the short date will appear in this fashion will be in 89 years! On the 1st January 2101 - or 01/01/01. Not too sure I will be around for that one.
Celebrate the number 12 in your classroom to remind students how special it is (and just to have some fun!).
- Count to 12, forwards, backwards, by 2s, 3s and 4s. Count by 12s!
- Talk about things that come in 12s (dozen eggs, months, 2 sets of ladybugs legs!)
- Read books about number 12 (Mr Men 12 Days of Christmas)
- Sing 12 days of Christmas!
- Write a story about 12 elves (just because it sounds cute)
- Give each child a small box and see if they can find 12 things that fit inside
- Write as many problems as possible that make 12 (10+2, 6+6, 3x4)
- Make something with an egg carton!
-Play Buzz, but with multiples of 12 not 5
I put together a set of fun activities (mostly paper activities) that might help your Kinders mark this special day! Find it here at TpT
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