'Puzzle Pastes' and a Giveaway

Do you love puzzles? Do you love cut-and-paste? Do you love a worksheet every now and then?

Yes, yes and double yes!

I am very excited to show you a new resource I just finished working on today. I have had wonderful feedback on our Number Worksheets and how they are good for helping your students recognise different ways of representing numbers. I get regular emails requesting some more worksheets that have the same focus.
So 'Puzzle Pastes' were created. Your students start with a worksheet:
Cut the worksheet in half.
Then, cut and paste the number pieces that match each representation on the top half of the worksheet.
Once completed, a picture has been created, ready for your students to colour!
There are ten worksheets included, featuring adorable graphics from www.scrappindoodles.com
Our first version of these worksheets is a Halloween one with  numbers to ten - there are more on the way!
We priced this file at $3.75 as there is a lot of work in each page! However, you can grab a copy over the next few days at the special price of $2 - it is not showing up at this price in the main pages of TpT, but when you click on the actual product, it should come up at that price.
You can also have the chance to spend $10 in my stores by heading over to the lovely Brooke's Teachable Moments Blog. There are some great resources to be won!
Have a wonderful beginning to the week everyone!