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Here Comes Halloween - Wonderful Center Activities!

I am so excited to be a part of the  Magical Product Swap. What an amazing idea that encourages teacher collaboration and support across the globe! We have each been paired with a teacher on a similar grade and asked to review a product from their collection.
I was so excited to 'meet' Sara Shelton from Kindergarten Korner.
Kindergarten Korner
And review her new Halloween Fun packet. Before I get too far into details, let me tell you this is AMAZING! Sarah has it on sale at the moment, and it will be the best $6.80 you have spent this year! Shhhh, I secretly think she could easily sell this for at least $12, so hurry over and snap it up before she lifts the price!
This Halloween themed unit is jam-packed with literacy and math centres!  Here is what you get:
9 Literacy Games/Centres:
-Sentence Scramble - sight word sentences
-Beginning Sounds
-Boo! Game - practice letters and sounds
-Boo! Game - practice sight words
-Boo! Game - practice CVC words
-ABC order - Letters
-ABC order - Sight words
-See and Spell - Best guess spelling
-Read and Clip - choose correct sight cvc word

6 Math Centres
-Count and clip - Count objects 1-10 and clothespin correct number
-Count and write - Count objects 1-10 or 11-20 and write correct number
-What Comes Next? - Write the number that comes after the number shown
-What's the Word? - Identify number words to 20
-Spooky Patterns - Complete the AB or AAB pattern
-Ten Frames Fun - Count the number in the tens frames

For my US friends, you will be glad to know that all the centres meet many Common Core Standards. For my Australian readers, these centres will cover the content in the new Australian Curriculum.
Once I opened Sarah's file, I knew I had to print and make ALL of it. I am heading back to the classroom next week - so exciting! Our kinders will be in their final term of school and these centres will make PERFECT assessment tools. Sarah has included a worksheet for almost all of the activities. For my US readers, the content covered in this set will be perfect for where you are up to in your teaching year.
I just so happened to be doing more 'organisation' with my resources this week. I am dedicating a whole file box to these centres.
I printed, laminated and cut them all ready. They are stored in my favourite clear plastic document wallets. I went through each activity and printed off the matching worksheets and put a laminated copy of each in the corresponding wallet. I also popped in any extra materials needed to complete the activity, such as pegs (clothespins).
Here is my little file box, all organised and ready!
My daughter and I road tested all the activities. Let me tell you, Sarah has thought of everything from a teaching and organisational perspective. This is what I LOVE about buying resources on TeacherspayTeachers. They are made my REAL teachers, that think of REAL classrooms!
Here is one of my daughter's favourites: Count and Clip. She adored the round shape of the activity boards and the clipping helped her fine motor. She asked to play it 3 times!
Matching numerals to quantities is an important Kindergarten number skill!
Count and Write was also lots of fun, and game me the opportunity to check-out how she was going with numeral formation. I found that she needs some work on forming number 9 with correct stroke order. In this activity, students count the set of pictures, and write the matching numeral.
Spooky Patterns was also a favourite. I especially liked the cut-and-paste worksheet that accompanied the activity.
This was a stand-out activity for me. I did not  think my daughter was going to like it - how wrong was I! She LOVED it! I presented the cards to her in a scrambled arrangement and asked her to read through the words. She was able to then form correct sentences by re-ordering the cards. She also thought that the picture cards should "absolutely-definitely go at the END of the story mummy"!
If I was doing this at school, I would use a pocket chart for the students to sort and arrange.
Here, she is having-a-go at writing one of the sentences. It was great for me to see how she is handling writing on lines. I will do some more work on this before she starts school next year. For those new to my blog, my daughter could have started Kindergarten this year, but she would have been very young in her class, so I decided to keep her the extra year at home, so she will turn 6 in Kindergarten. This is slowly becoming normal practise here in Australia. I usually only get one or two children now, each year, that have not turned 6 during the first year at school. I have kept her busy at home, by doing some basic kindergarten work - and LOTS of free play and socialising.
This was a favourite too. We used magnetic letters and a cookie sheet to try to spell some Halloween themed words. As you can see, she had a great try at all of the words.
I love ten frame activities, and this Halloween themed counting one is great for number awareness and numeral formation. I had fun explaining to my daughter that children in the US eat something called 'Candy Corn' - we are going to google it and learn some more. Hopefully we will get to try it one day soon!
What Comes Next will be a fabulous assessment tool for my kinders in a few weeks, and great practise for your students throughout the year. Students have to look at the number written on the card, and write what comes next. What an excellent activity for learning Forward Number Counting Sequences!
Beginning Sounds  is another wonderful set that combined a hands-on activity with written worksheet. I would also do this one in a pocket chart in the classroom, but with my one little student here at home, it was fine on the table. My daughter was itching to colour the pictures - "this lady has drawn very cute pictures Mum" she told me. She especially loved the dinosaur.
See - I was telling the truth when I said it was a wonderful packet - and there is EVEN more in the set that I have not shown you in photos! There is enough here to cover a few weeks of activities in your kindergarten classroom!
I am a little fussy when it comes to formatting in teaching resources - and I have to say, I think Sarah is my sort of person! The pages are neat, carefully formatted and clear. They printed beautifully and she has put lots of thought into elements like fonts to make sure these centres are perfect for your classroom and to save you loads of time. Little things like having matching colours of pictures and text in the Sentence Scramble will save you lots of time in the classroom!
Please head over to TpT and visit my new friend's store HERE
And her wonderful blog HERE
See her Halloween Math and Literacy packet HERE
Sarah has another wonderful Halloween themed resource called the 'Count of Halloween' to help with number awareness. It has gone straight into my cart!
Thank you so much to Jessica for putting this swap together. Head over to her blog as well, to find some more swapping stories! 


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That product looks great!
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The Magical Product Swapping sound like a lot of fun! This Halloween product looks fantastic!

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Nice review! She could definitely sell that for more. What a great product!

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What an adorable product!

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Melanie - Thank you so much for the great product review! I am so glad you enjoyed it. I think it is funny you have never eaten Candy Corn. is my FAVORITE! Your daughter looks precious! Thanks again! You were great to work with!

Kindergarten Korner

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Beginning Sounds is another wonderful set that combined a hands-on activity with written worksheet.Free Business Cards