Saturday, 6 October 2012

Five Fab Freebies

Frog Spot Five Freebies

Here we are again... another Friday!

I have had fun looking through the FREE resources on TpT to find you this group of fab freebies for this week.

1. Erin from Creating and Teaching has created THIS printable resource to make a set of
Apple Tree Playdough Mats for your classroom. These will be great for students that are still learning how to count a set for numbers 1-10. Erin suggests that you use red play dough to make the apples, and perhaps even add some apple spice scent to your play dough! It does not happen to often, but once this was downloaded, I hit PRINT without delay!
2. The very talented Crayons and Curls has made THIS Ten Ghosts Number Order Freebie.
Let your students have some Halloween fun while learning. They can put numbers 0 - 10 in order on construction paper or a sentence strip. Just download, print out, copy and have them cut out out the ghosts and glue!  If you enjoy this freebie, then take a look at the Ten Little Ghost Math Pack in the Crayons and Curls store on TpT.

3. Nerissa Reddick has posted THIS book describing all the steps to how a pumpkin grows. The book should be printed, photocopied, cut, and bound together. She also included a teachers book to read to the class. This is a quick activity that will help your students learn first, next, then, after, and finally.

4. Teaching Preschoolers has THIS free Halloween Fun Counting Teeth file.Your children will be counting to 20 before you know it with these fun teeth counting cards. All you will need is some candy corn along with this file.

5. Sasha Hallagan has offered for free THIS very special resources: What's Bugging You? Adapted Book for Children with Autism. It is a super cute adapted work to featuring repetitive reading, vocabulary, and initial sounds. Each page follows a similar routine and is interactive. This book has 9 pages each with a different bug. Students put velcro bugs on each of the pages! Instructions of set up and all picture pieces are included!

I hope you have as much fun as I did, checking out these free resources and more on TeacherspayTeachers this week. Please be a great teacher and leave some love for these wonderful people sharing their hard work with the world!
If you are keen for some free fonts, head over to my graphics blog to download our latest creations.


Lisa Parnello said...

What a great post! Thank you so much for sharing! I downloaded them all for my classroom.

The Lower Elementary Cottage

Crayons and Curls said...

Thank you Mel for the shout out! I love all your freebies you share! Thank you for sharing mine! :)
Crayons and Curls