Animal Puzzle Pastes

I created this product as a request from a very important person - my daughter! She has spent the last few days in bed sick, and today, when asked if she would like to complete one of our new Halloween Puzzle Pastes, she said "how about some puzzles that have God's creatures Mum'... talk about out of the mouth of babes!
My jaw near hit the floor. And the more I thought about it, the more I realised that I definately needed a set that included alternative pictures - for those of us that do not celebrate Halloween in our classrooms or homes.
So, here it is, an animal version of Puzzle Pastes. The numbers and sums are identical to the ones in our Halloween version, we have just included very cute animal pictures for your students to colour. The animals featured are: fish, turtle, butterfly, polar bear, seal, cow, sheep, fox, hippo and a lion.
Just cut the worksheet in half.

Cut the pieces out.
Paste them into the correct position, using the numbers - to make a picture.
If you would like to buy this item, it is currently listed for the special introductory price of $2 in my store HERE