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My lovely friend Ann, from Hippity Hop Teacher Spot on TpT is here to do a guest blog post! So exciting! Take it away Ann!
Hi! I am Mel’s guest blogger for today, Ann, from Florida, USA. I hope everyone is enjoying the school year. It is so hard to believe the holidays are almost here!

Have you noticed how hard the academic vocabulary students are expected to know has become? I have some second language learners, etc. in my classroom and it is so hard for them. Sometimes, I feel like I have taught something, and realize that they haven’t fully understood the vocabulary. Second graders easily get confused with words and tend to mix up two words that might start with a d for instance. I started thinking……….what could I do? Charades is always good. Cooperative learning is very effective if monitored. However, while I will continue with those strategies, I thought, what about games? Students love games!

I’ve made two products for science that I feel are helpful . One is Scientist Lingo, which contains the terms we are expecting students to know throughout their science year. It has a bingo game, matching game, mad lab game, etc. This product is geared toward 2nd and 3rdgraders. I particularly like this because after I used with my class, I took some of its parts, and saved it for a substitute teacher. My students already know how to play the games. I am always stressing with having to leave science for a substitute because I love to do hands-on activities and that is too complicated to leave for a substitute. Science Lingo……….. to the rescue! It will reinforce these terms in the event of my absence.

Another product is Science Tools Time. This is also geared for 2nd/3rdgrade. It has games as well.


Both products have word cards from the bingo game that can double as word wall word cards.

On Wednesday, October the 31st, all of the products in my store will be 20% off. Mel along with many other sellers is having a special sale for that day only.

Special thanks to Mel for letting me guest blog today. I always enjoy visiting her blog.

From Across the Pond, Ann
Thanks so much Ann! I can't wait until I get to teach Yr 2, 3 or 4 (shhh, it might be happening sooner that I thought)- I will be emailing my friend Ann for all her advice. I love the stories she shares with me about her rabbit Stormie and teaching in the US.
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Please head over to Jennie's blog to find a list of all the awesome sellers having sales today!

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