Thursday, 23 August 2012

Guest Blogger Ann for Where I Teach Wednesday!

I have been linking up with lots of wonderful bloggers over at Blog Hoppin this week, for a week of linked-up posts. Today is Where I Teach Wednesday.
As I am currently not teaching and on a very enjoyable period of maternity leave this year, I have decided to tell you about my wonderful friend Ann and where she is teaching. I met Ann in the TeacherspayTeachers seller's forum and she lives in Florida in the United States. I think it is very cool that I am getting to know someone from so far away and learning so much about schools and teaching in another country. We enjoy each others sense of humour and we are having fun emailing each other back and forth.
Ann I are working together on a whole set of readers... but I will let her tell her more, as she is about to become my very first guest blogger here at my Frog Spot Blog! Thanks so much Ann, I love learning about where you teach, how you teach and also helping bring your wonderful stories to life!
Hello to Melanie’s Readers,

I am Melanie’s guest blogger for today. I teach 2nd grade in the state of Florida in the United States. Melanie and I have been collaborating on some fun readers so I thought I would give you a glimpse of our work.

So, where to start…..

Most people’s favorite pets are dogs and cats but mine is rabbits. I find rabbits very amusing and comical !

I have a pet dwarf rabbit and his name is Stormie. I’ve begun writing readers and Stormie is the main character. Honestly, he truly is a character!

Rabbits have just become part of my life. My classroom is“Rabbitland”. Students are divided up into 4 teams and yes, you guessed it, they are all rabbit names. Let’s see there’s the Rexs, Jackrabbits, Cottontails, and the Lops. I award points for good behavior, correct answers, etc. The kids love it!

When I am teaching on the Smartboard, students respond using their whiteboards. It is so funny…………..I will tell them they are so smart and they will write little notes by their answers. Some of the notes will say………….We are the rabbits! Rabbits are #1! The kids take such pride!

When did this all start………….this funny obsession with rabbits? Well, it was a frightening day in September……….just kidding. My boyfriend(now my husband) and I were in the pet shop and he suggested that I get a rabbit. We named him Mr. Spots and he was a very determined rabbit. He was a toughie but still lovable. He lived 9 years until a lump was discovered that well, wasn’t good news. Saddened by the loss of this rabbit, my furry friend, I was determined not to ever get a rabbit again. Well, I was in for a surprise. Another rabbit was about to come into my life. With my husband’s nudging,we drove back to the pet shop where we first got Mr. Spots. We were looking for a male bunny and Stormie was the only one. I admit I wasn’t sure about this new rabbit. He looked like a mouse! He has, however, become a member of the family. His funny antics and loving personality have made him such a part of the family. It does go to show that animals have personalities just like people. Pet owners know this. Stormie is super sweet and much shyer than Mr. Spots. He also loves people and he makes cool noises like a guinea pig. My vet thinks he is a hoot!

With Melanie’s help, the Stormie readers have been born! Stormie is the main character and his best friend is of course a frog! Freddie Frog is very wise and often discusses various topics with Stormie.

You can find the following Stormie readers from the Stormie Rabbit Reader Collections at my store at TpT.

Freddie Starts School - (an emergent reader)

Stormie Rabbit and Freddie Frog –a reader about Sun Safety(a reader that teaches kids the importance of protecting your skin)

Back to School Tips Reader with Stormie Rabbit and Freddie Frog - (both characters discuss what makes a successful student)


Stormie Rabbit Goes Back to School - (a fictional story with some clipart from Lita, Lita)

Stormie the Rabbit and Germs(a reader about protecting yourself against bad germs like washing your hands)

Back to School Bonanza of Readers with Stormie Rabbit - (which includes the last three readers listed above at a reduced price)

The readers all have some type of activity,etc. and teacher notes. The descriptions tell what’s included.

Melanie has done much of the clipart, design, etc. I hope you (and your students) enjoy these as much as I enjoyed writing them.

This is my first time writing a blog post so please forgive the novice. I appreciate Melanie for giving me this opportunity. 

Let me tell  you, Ann has a way with words - I love reading her stories, so your students will LOVE them! I simply cannot wait until I return to the classroom so I can use them too! They would be perfect for Grades 1-3 but I really think Kindergarten would enjoy reading them with the teacher. For many of the readers, Ann has included focus questions on each page, so the students can focus their reading and reflect on both the story and the text features. These readers are fantastic and can be printed in colour or grey scale. I think they are PERFECT for the Smartboard also!

Be sure to check out Ann's readers and also download the original Stormie reader for FREE!