Back to School Readers and a Pin Contest

Just a quick blog post for now as I am very excited that my friend Ann over at TpT has just listed something we have been collaborating on for Back to School:

Ann has written a fabulous Back-to-School Tips reader, and I helped out with the graphics and design.

Ann is selling it for a teeny tiny introductory price of $2.50 and that includes colour and blackline versions and we have included a bonus craftivity.

It would be great for grades 1-3, but I think even my Kinder class would love it as a modelled read on the Interactive Whiteboard.

Each page has a drawing or writing activity for students to complete as they read. The reader outlines a range of behaviours and skills that students need for school. Not only will it be a great reading activity for your students but will introduce them to these essential social skills and behaviours for school.

I am so proud of our collaboration. We met in the TeacherspayTeachers seller's forum, and have communicated via email across the globe. Ann is going to do a guest blog post soon, so she will tell you more about our story.