No Hat No Play - And Put Your Hand Up!

Gee the blog title today sounds a little cranky doesn't it!

Here in Australia we have the world's highest rate of skin cancer - not something to be proud of at all. I remember long days at school in the blazing hot sun with no hat or shade, and wonder how my skin will hold up

Thankfully these days most schools in Australia have to have a Sun Safe policy, and most have a rule 'No Hat...No Play' - or the more politically correct 'Have Hat....Will Play".

Ann from Hippity Hop Teacher Spot and I have been collaborating on some exciting interactive readers featuring her very cute (and full of attitude) pet rabbit Stormie. One of the readers features Freddie Frog and it is all about protecting your skin in the sun - perfect for Australian students.

Mt favourite way to introduce my students to sun safety is to talk to them about skin and the sun, then with the students, place a big ball of playdough out in the sun for a few hours. It always has a big impact on the students to compare the soft plump smooth surface of playdough that is inside, to the playdough that has been left out in the sun. This is a good springboard for talking about how we can protect our skin from the sun's harmful rays.

Here is a sneak peak at the reader Ann had written and I have formatted. We are almost ready for listing! Be sure to follow Ann's store so you know when it gets listed.

We have also created some very cute 'Sun Saftey' posters for the classroom. These will be very useful in Australian classrooms that have the 'No Hat..No Play' rule. You can find them in Ann's store on TeacherspayTeachers HERE The file includes 2 colour posters, 2 blackline and a blank bordered page for students to design their own sun safety poster.

My lovely premium members, you will wake up to find these very cute 'Hands Up' kids in your inbox! Happy Monday!