Monday, 2 July 2012

Fairy Princess

I promise my posts won't always be sneak peaks at the next instalment of Graphics Premium Club......but I HAD to give another little look at the graphics for tomorrow - 'Fairy Princess' - because I have a list of ten buyers that have not contacted me yet. That means ten people will miss these little cuties..... well not miss totally - I will send them when I get the details. I just wanted to post about it, as it might help flag them down.

If you have purchased the Premium Membership and do not have these in your inbox shortly.....please contact me (follow the instructions on the pdf that you downlaod after purchase from TpT).

I have some wonderful other projects on the boil, so you will hear from me again very soon!



Tracy Tegeler said...

Love the graphics I've received thus far with my membership. So glad I joined the club!


Creekside Teacher Tales

Free Teacher Resources by Clever Classroom said...

Mel, you're being too modest, not only did you crack the top 100 list, you cracked the top 10 list! Congratulations on achieving your goal Mel, I am so proud of you.
Emma :)

Diving Into Learning said...

These are so cute! We actually are doing a prince and princess theme later this summer during summer camp and these will be perfect!

Diving Into Learning