Friday, 29 June 2012

Graphics Premium Club - FREE Graphics Everyday!

We are excited to announce a very special venture of ours:

You can join the Premium Club for 12 months by buying a membership form from our TpT Graphics Store HERE
Each business day of the year, you will receive an email from us with one FREE exciting surprise graphic, clipart, border, frame or font attached. If I have enough time it will be a whole set! They will mostly suit K-2 teachers, although we are working on having a wider range available.

Membership will be $150.00 a year, however for this weekend only I am having a very special introductory offer of a one year membership for $35.00 (US).

You are not able to share your membership with anyone else.

Graphics we send you can be used in any way EXCEPT for resale as graphics (you can put them in a document etc).

I have already started madly creating items for my Premium Club members, here is a sneak peak at the set for Monday.



~brookeb~ said...

Just signed up :) Looking forward to it
Teachable Moments

Miss Kindergarten said...

How cool!!! This is an awesome idea Mel! Totally signing up!!

Rachelle said...

Mel! I love your stuff!!!!!

I just started downloading all of your fonts! LOVE them!!! Have you ever considered naming your fonts with the same few letters at the beginning so I can group them together in my font menu? Does that even make sense? For instance... Lettering Delights names their fonts...

LD funky
LD cuteness
LD jumble

Does that make sense?


Melanie - From the Pond said...

Thanks Rachelle! YES it does :) I can't believe I didnt think of it, because that is SO something I do. I number all my teaching files etc.... a little OCD ;) I have just made two new fonts, and called them FSF at the front - for Frog Spot Font. Thanks again!