Monday, 4 June 2012

Fuzzy Bump Is Back!

We are so happy to keep seeing our Fuzzy Bump Borders all over Pinterest, decorating some fabulous teaching and classroom resources. Our dear little fuzzy bumps have been downloaded over 2000 times to date, and pinned more than 1000 times.

It just seems that the 'Fuzzy Bump Collection' was  meant to be - so here she is, in all her bright and colourful fuzziness! If you have enjoyed using the border collection, you may like using this set of 32 square, round and rectangular badges/borders in your next creation. We have added to the collection with some pink fuzz you may notice. I will add to the border collection with a pink border to match in the next day or so.

Excuse my snide sense of humour, I am still picking myself up off the floor, because my husband (sitting on the other side of the room) thought I said "fuzzy bum" when I said, 'oh my goodness, my fuzzy bumps have been pinned over a thousand times'...... too funny... I could not stop laughing....



Teaching Little Miracles said...

Hi Mel! I love your graphics! I just made a few purchases last week and gave you a shout out on my blog. :-)

Teaching Little Miracles

Crystal (your newest follower)

Lori Rosenberg said...

Yeah! I LOVE the fuzzy bump!

Lori (
Teaching With Love and Laughter

Laura said...

Girl, I love your fuzzy bumps! I made my very first products for TpT with them! Make me smile!

Peace, Love, and First Grade

EmBellish said...

Me too! LOVE your stuff :) Just posted a teacher appreciation freebie on my blog using the fuzzy bumps! Thanks for sharing!

Tangled with Teaching