Summer Seahorses - FREE Appreciation Graphics

So I challenged myself to come up with a weeks worth of freebies for Teacher Appreciation. I have not quite got there yet....but I am doing OK considering everyone in my house has been hit with a tummy bug.....not fun at all. Hopefully we have seen the last of it. Yuk! Heading into winter (June) in Australia...I am not looking forward to more colds and flus.

You can thank my daughter for the seahorses....she is obsessed with all things "under the ocean" at the moment, and seahorses are on top of the list. She has been watching a TV show on The Great Barrier Reef with her Daddy over the last few weeks...I have been amazed at how much information she retained. She now knows more about The Great Barrier Reef than I do! I hope one day to visit. She had her "kinder readiness" assessment for 'big school' today.....sniff sniff.... our school year starts in February, so I have time to prepare.....just. You think being a teacher, I would be ready for this time, but clearly not.

Have fun with these seahorses! Click on the image below to download from TpT!

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