Pebbles and The Ocean

I have had a very busy few days, including a wonderful Mothers Day. I was very spoilt with a gorgeous photo frame of my two little lovelies, and a Mix Master! Yay! My other great emerging passion is baking, and I whipped up two delicious passion fruit butter cakes this morning -one for each side of the family as we celebrated Mothers Day. My little silver beast is going to get a work out....I have started a list of yummy delicious baked goods that simply must be cooked. How they will turn out, is up for debate, but I can only experiment.

In my crazy - "let me start about 25 different projects at once" way of doing things, I have commenced work on a group of graphics, that I can only call 'pebbles' is the round border frame that got me started..... I am loving it so far, even if it is time consuming and intricate....

You can have this one for free - let me know what you think! You can use it for your personal or commercial projects, but must give a credit - by placing somewhere in your document or product: Graphics From the Pond 
You cannot sell or redistribute this graphic itself.
Click on the image above to download it as a 300 dpi png file from GoogleDocs

After multiple requests for fish, I have just listed this cute Fish Fun set at TpT

All the colours used match those that I used for the Summer Seahorse set. They are simple, plain, bright shapes. I create most of my graphics this way, as I have teacher-resource-makers in mind, that make resources for little learners. Little learners that do not need 'busy' graphics that can distract from the content being taught.

I hope you have had a wonderful Mothers Day too. I thanked my mum for teaching me so many valuable lessons throughout my life. She is the kindest woman you could ever meet, and one of the most generous. She has very little, but gives so much. She gives her time and her energy in ways other people will never know. She is my hero and I love her.
What lessons did you learn from your mum/mom?