500 Wooo Hooooo!

I just realised that I have 500 blog friends. I am so excited, it seems like yesterday I was crawling to 100! Wow - that has really made my day. What a coincidence that the same number came up as I handed over the credit card today at the dentist...... not happy. Arr well, I have something to smile about now! I told my husband he had to call me smiley for a couple of days, I was kind of hoping that it would help to keep the focus of the other part of what I had to tell him....that being the somewhat large figure sitting on the credit card. Why didn't I become a dentist. The endless information I need to constantly churn through and reflect on when I am teaching around 20 little minds each year seems monumental when I consider that everything a dentist deals with sits inside a hole not much bigger than a tennis ball. He just has to get that figured out, everything that would fit in the palm of my hand. And what we deal with, really, is limitless and is as varied and as dynamic as each new little face that enters our room each year. Its my job to understand the mind, and work with the mind, and extend the mind, and develop the mind. And every mind is different and works differently and was created differently, and is nurtured differently. And we have to do it simultaneously, with all 20 or so minds at the same time.......what a huge undertaking. What a most important job!  Why don't we earn $500 an hour...he he, if only!

It is very late here Down Under and I am off to dream of wonderful ways I can say thank you to all 500 of my wonderful blog friends.......hhhhmmmm

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