Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Some Things Just Seem Meant to Be

Last week, in anticipation of a very chocolatey-rabbit-filled Easter, I had fun reading Ribbit Rabbit with my daughter. We read all sorts of rabbit books. I especially like Ribbit Rabbit though. It has nothing to do with Easter of course! I love the play on words (which Miss 5 is yet to fully grasp), and especially the themes explored of friendship and 'getting along'.

Last week, as well as blogging, designing, listing free graphics (perhaps my favourite), cooking, cleaning, nurturing and of course, looking after little bubba (now 5 weeks, can you believe it!!!?) - I also offered to  help a fellow seller on TpT with a banner for her store. Just because I have trouble filling my day....he he! No, just because I love helping out, and something in the universe told me too (the more you get to know me, the more you know that this happens often!).

Ann and I emailed, and I found out that she was looking for a logo/banner/icon etc for her TpT store, that had a bunny rabbit theme...of course. She also told me that she had a bunny theme happening in her classroom, and that - you guessed it - her colleague teacher has a frog theme. They often say that Bunnies and Frogs make good friends! We both quite appreciated the fact that here I was " a little green frog From the Pond" helping out a new little bunny from TpT! We eventually came up with a very cute design, I can't wait to share it, but think I will let Ann reveal it first!

Not to mention the coincidence that all week I had been reading Rabbit Ribbit with my daughter - and made a glyph for TpT that combines rabbits and frogs....... o my!

It seems that in my world at least, the frogs and the rabbits were trying to tell me something last week! Please find Ann at TpT and follow her too - she is just getting started and is destined for great things!

I made these cute little Sight Word Take Home Books today - of course with a frog themed version in the pack! They are perfect for encouraging your students to revise their sight words at home. My daughter enjoyed making one today - but we used the short-a words from Rabbit Ribbit to write in her book - she is right into learning words that can be sounded-out.

We wanted to record some words from the book, for my daughter to learn to read!

We printed and cut out the mini-book pages.

After stapling the book together, we wrote a focus word on each page for her to learn to read.

You can find our new resource and make your own mini books, by clicking on the image above.
There are five colorful and motivating designs. Each page has room for students to write one of their focus sight words for the week.
We have included black and white versions of each page, so that you can save on printer ink, and your students can have fun coloring the cute covers!
These books are perfect for when you are teaching around 6 words each week - although if you would like to use them with more words, they will work just as well!
Included designs are
- "Pop Go My Words" - popcorn box shaped book
- "Let's Read in the Word Garden" - flower shaped book
- "Whooooo knows their words?" - owl shaped book
- "I can learn LEAPS of words!" - frog shaped book
- "I'm a Sight Words Star" - star shaped book.
These books can be assembled by the teacher or student. We envisage that you would make them to send home with your students for home review or homework.


S. Parker said...

These are beautiful. What a welcome addition to any word study program! I can't wait to purchase them for my classroom. :)

Melanie - From the Pond said...

Thank you so much! I think they are my favourite of our products too - they were so much fun to design. Please let me know how they go in your classroom :)