jpg or png? + Free Borders Update

A few friends have recently emailed me to ask me about jpeg and png files - and using them in their teaching resource files. You can use both, png files are great for when you need a transparent background. This comes in handy if you want to layer the graphic on a pretty decorative background, or a coloured background - a black background in the example below:

I am including both jpeg and png files of my graphics when I list new sets in my graphics store on TeacherspayTeachers. Some people prefer to work with one over the other. For what teachers do with graphics in their teaching resource files, the transparency issue is the only main one I can see.

When you download a zip file of mine, how can you tell what they are? Save the file, go to its location on your computer, and then click on "details" to see the file types.

This icon should be on the top right of your screen when you locate your graphics files through 'My Computer'. Click on it. It will give you a list of options.

Click on "Details". You will then see all the details of each file within your folder that contains all your graphics.

You will see here, I have opened a file on my computer called "Kitty Cat". It contains all my graphics for the set. Once I have clicked on 'details' - I can see the details of each file and can choose either the jpeg or the png to insert into my resource file.

A quick way is also to hover your mouse over the file name, and you will see the file type in the description that comes up also.

I listed my set of borders/frames called "All Stitched Up" in my new store today. It contains the same borders as the ones I listed a while ago in my regular TpT store. However, they are now at 300 dpi. This means they will be a lot clearer and crisper for printing - if you downloaded them last time, you may like to get the "new" set. Perhaps you won't notice the difference! I am pretty fussy when it comes to the crispness of graphics in my documents, especially when it comes to printing. Nothing worse for me than printing something that is all pixelated (is that a word?) and blurry because of poor quality graphics - like nails down a chalkboard to me.... worse when you have paid for the file.....we all have our "things".

I know many of you will know already all of the information above, but I am hoping I may have helped some :) Have a wonderful week!

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